Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


Beautiful day. Long slow pull coming out of Elko. Adobe summit
Lost power. Lost spark. GW did some tweaking on the mag. We’re going again.
The ride is relaxing today. A bit cool some overcast. The bike likes that.
We pass those that passed is earlier.
The smell of sage drifts into our nostrils. Magical. Reviving




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  1. GW…this is DT….from Montana…..I’m the guy with the meter and the uphill push from the soft shoulder north of Elko… was so much my pleasure to be able to assist! I can’t even put into words how much I enjoyed riding along with the Cannonball….even for just a couple days…looking forward to the next one already !


    • Morn n DT, a big THANK YOU for pulling over to check on us that day. your having a multimeter with you and helping push out of the soft stuff on a incline made a differance that day. thank you, never say never but not sure we ll be in the pre 1917 2016 Cannonball. thank you again. Linda an Gary


  2. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Gary and Linda,
    Happy Completion of Stage 13. Good thing you’ve got a competent “tweaker” along. Only 3 stages to go–keep it running–keep it running.

    You don’t want/need to hear this, but I personally prefer battery-coil ignition. I know that in 2012 there were a lot of JD generator failures, but if I die because of that, I can disconnect the battery side of the coil from the bike’s system and wire in a 6V lantern dry-cell between the coil’s battery side and ground and get through most of a day with spark if I don’t draw for anything else (been there done that).
    That, and the better water tolerance on the later two wire coil/timer JDs. Of course, the most distance I ever covered in one day on a JD was about 150 miles, which does not at all put me in the Cannonball camp, but maybe the info. will come in handy some day (two dry-cells in series for 12V).

    We look forward to your blogs and hope for continued success right to the finish.

    Ron and Dixie

    PS–thought about what I said earlier about #49 and how it might sound. What I meant was that he was bound to be very unhappy about it and I can only hope that he is not blaming anyone besides himself for the penalty points loss.


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