Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


What a ride. Had a beautiful time at the LeMay museum watching the Seattle Cossacks. They are an amazing group of riders/acrobats!!
Stayed at the Murano hotel and had the final banquet there. It was a lovely feast and time of reminiscing as we watched a slide show of Michael Lichter’s wonderful photography. Lots of oooing and aaaing.
Paul did a beAutiful job as M/C, announcing the winner and other highlights.
After all was said and done no one got up to leave…but got up to say heartfelt so-longs. We all lingered for quite some time exchanging addresses, giving hugs, extending invitations to please come see us and let’s get together soon.






Met up with our amazing crew (how blessed we are to have such great friends) this morning got organized and are making our way home.


Our lives have been enriched by yet another Cannonball. The culture of the event, man and machine. The personalities of the folks you ride with, crews and the people that come and go. It’s glorious. How lucky we are to have pulled this off. Thank you all so very much.

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8 thoughts on “WOW!!

  1. Hello, I like your blog and I’m following it. i think you could like mine too, It’s about motorbike culture and lifestyle. Follow it! 🙂 the marquis


  2. Dan Ganon on said:

    I have a little packet of papers of the plans we made to hook up with Gary and Linda at Lewiston Idaho. The packet contains maps, phone numbers, reservations, and a schedule. It is difficult to throw the packet of papers away. Just looking at the packet of papers brings a smile to my face. The little packet of papers is a keeper. It was a good time.

    Thank you all for the huge efforts you made to have pulled this event off.


  3. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Bummer turned “Beamer!” Couldn’t imagine the cloud that must have hung over the Murano Hotel parking lot on Mon. morning.
    What great news that it turned out that whatever persons stole the rig and bikes were apparently amateurs and decided that they had bitten off more than they could chew given the extensive publicity. I figured that the whole rig was in a semi somewhere and long gone———-very glad to be wrong and so was #99 and the others.
    All the riders worked very hard, and Jon Neuman helped many, but David Lloyd, in particular, impressed with his enthusiastic blog.


  4. Clay Lloyd on said:

    Gary, really enjoyed your posts, all the way. Sorry you had the mishaps, I can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster you must have been on. (not to mention the iron butt) It would be nice to see you Falcon and chat some more sometime. Looked like fun and congrats!!


  5. What a great time we had meeting you guys again. You guys are made of steel !!!
    On a sad note I saw this this morning..

    rtwdoug OP
    prominent underachiever

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    Joined: Dec 2004
    Location: Alabamski Oblast, Redneckistan
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    This sucks.

    It seems a truck & trailer with 4 cannonball bikes were stolen in tacoma.
    It’s a grey ford f250, a grey 20 ft box trailer, (both had cball logos)
    Inside were bikes # 54, 76, 73 & 99

    I’m on my phone, so I can’t figure out how to cut n paste all the info, because even though it’s a smart phone, I am a dumb redneck.

    Please help to get the word out

    Thanks, doug


  6. Charlie OneOone on said:

    Nothing is ended, but just a memorable knot knitted in our web that is called life… A heartfelt thanks for taking us along with your writing and pictures!!


  7. You leave me wanting more. Thank you ever so much.


  8. Ron Westervelt on said:

    Well said, well said, and well done! Safe Home. We have two CO connections now–you folks and friends in Longmont, so if the occasion arises————
    R and D

    PS–thanks again for bringing us along from the day you started on the Indian until Stage 16 of the run itself–you truly blogged as a blog should be blogged.


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