Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


we are in the process of building a 1930 Indian Chief with a Indian Princes sidecar so Linda and I can both do the 2014 Cannonball. we were pretty lucky finishing among the 19 riders on the 2012 run will all our miles, times and points. hoping to be able to get from coast to coast once again. met a lot of great folks both riding and visiting us along the way. looking forward to another great adventure this Sept.. this is a pretty unstable USA and unnerving times, it would be very easy to get down in a rut and I do at times. but doing something in life that makes your sole smile needs to be done. wish you all the best. Linda an Gary.
Two years ago Linda and i rode down to Albuquerque, New Mex. to over night with the Cannonball riders. They were on 1915 and older motorcycles running from North Carolina to Calif.. I  was in awe of what i saw.  cycles of the teens being used and running across the US. Belt drives, chain drives. singles, twins and inline 4s.  we saw bikes we have read about, seen in photos but never seen first hand. and they were actually being used.  that in itself was amazing to me.  we saw a the broad division of people’s and moneys who shared the same dream of pulling this off, from two guys in a 63 ford pickup with a craftsman tool box and tires/parts in the back to the 200,000+ tow rig and trailer with dam near a machine shop in it along with spare engines, parts, even spare bikes and a team of support crews. and folks from overseas that shipped bikes in. link to photos took. Not being in the loop or click, i only found out they were going to do this again in 2012 about 5 months ago. at first hearing this i was stoked. and went back an forth in my mind thinking of how to pull this off. I started looking for a bike or parts to build a contender.  i rightly don t know what i ve done in my life to deserve my partner Ms Linda (hoping all you folks have or find what we have together).  with her encouragement and push, three months ago i started looking hard for a scooter. as my first choice was Indian I found many parts and bikes but way out of my grasp. ya know all those 100.00 to 500.00 dollar bikes you walked by in the 70s well I don’t know if it’s there being so few of, or our dollars worth but wake up Gary cause things have changed big time..    looking for, telling a bit of what I was doing, and asking everybody I could, I have talked to folks all over the US. which has been pretty great.  one of the guys I talked to was friend,  Gary  who is a retired owner from Performance Machine Shop in Colo. Springs. he gave me plenty of leads and mentioned a fella that he did machine work for in the 70s and would get me a number. (THANK YOU Gary) I called retired Drag racer Ross VanEtten, he is now 89 yrs. young, have talked and visited him many times since and hopefully will continue to.  wish someone good at writing could write and share with others of his life’s accomplishments.  from his not starting school till he was 7 yrs. old, do to them living outside  Black Hawk Colo. – his folks figured he needed to be a bit larger to walk the 1 an 1/2 miles up hill past the known mountain lions den to the one room school to all his drag racing days, and all the restorations on both 4 and 2 wheel machines.  in the early 90s Ross and his Beautiful Wife  hooked up the trailer to the pickup and headed to Canada and bought a heavy load of bike parts. from the parts Ross was able to build 3  complete bikes (one being the one I bought) and sold the remaining parts to cover the cost of parts and trip. he has also built many more beautiful bikes. To date..  I AM A CONFIRMED CONTENDER.   rider #57 in the 2012 CannonBall Endurance Run. From New York to San Francisco just under 4000 miles on Pre 1929 motorcycles..  Sept. 7th – 22nd across the northern United States. Here is a link to the route, riders, the different counties they are from, machines being used and history of the CannonBall. The bike I will be riding is a 1929 Harley JD model 74” with a whopping 9 1/2 HP.  photo of bike.

  Download pictures

Other photos of the bike . The bike will be totally disassembled, checked and reassembled next month as we have only one shot of pulling this off and don’t want to watch from the side line.  Linda will be the support crew and we will be camper/trailering the trip to cut cost. (she s gonna have a lot on her plate) there are consumables and parts I would like to obtain to have on hand. as part of the rules each morning the riders will be given sheets of papers containing miles and directions to follow a spec. route. ( 7.2 miles turn right on us 66 etc) in the end the rider with the best daily times added with the total miles ridden will be the winner of the event.  if you break down during the day you are only allowed to continue,  if you can repair on your own with parts carried on hand on the side of the rd. There are no prize monies, just the accomplishment of doing it and bragging rights. we/ I just would like to be able to complete the course.. If any of you happen to have the time and are able to be close enough to the route during the event we would really enjoy seeing your faces.. My brother Karl is setting up a site (my not be the correct term) that we (prob. Ms. Linda) can write on and add photos to before, during and after each day to up date everyone that may be interested to follow along on the adventure. This in itself will be quite the doings, you guys know how good I am at these computers. Besides every day life and making a living we have a huge amount of things to do and finish prior to Sept. including my getting in a different form of physical condition, cause I don’t think the 29 will want to carry two spare tires. for those of ya s that don’t know Linda and I , although we are far richer than most in many ways, the monitory tree we planted has been drought stricken. I find this part harder than it might should be, as I have never asked for or taken what was not worked for in my life.   I am very well aware of the times at hand for everyone I am not asking for handouts from individuals. (again I am not asking for your hard-earned money) I am asking if you know of or could suggest possible sponsors for help with the entry fee, extra parts, cost of consumables to pull this off we would appreciate your input.  thank you all for the ear bend n.. There should be a better name used than bucket list, but I can’t think of one.  if you have something in life you want to do.  DO IT…

Linda n Gary

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  1. mark foster on said:

    glad to meet you Thursday afternoon in Sturgis, Gary ~! sincere congrats on making your goal — to ride the entire route. and, on top of that accomplishment, to haul a perfect score along with you. tnx to your example, i might just have to find myself participating in the next one. i look forward to visiting Falcon and learning more about JDs~! -Mark from Colorado Springs


  2. Deane and Cindy Eller on said:

    Thinking about you. Good luck.
    Deane and Cindy Eller


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