Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado


As of 8\23\2014

We have 1465 miles covered

Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AMCA

as of 7/28/2014

we have 1215 miles covered. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Carrie 10 miles

Jim an Iona with Countryside Veterinary Clinic  250 miles


as of 6/16 2014
we have 955 miles covered. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Foster 50 miles
Jerry Pokorny 50 miles
Julie Berman 10 miles
British Motorcycle
Assoc. of Colorado 80 miles

as of 6/9/2014
we have 765 miles covered.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the folks at
Honest Accurate Auto Service
East and West locations 300 miles
British Motorcycle members and
assoc. of Colorado 40 miles
Ron and Dixie Westervelt 50 miles

as of 5/18/14
we have 375 miles covered.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruth Wright 5 miles
Chuck Schmitt 50 miles
Ray Pearce 20 miles
Jeff Gerleman 250 miles
Combat Vets Assoc. chap. 3-2 50 miles

We know everyone doesn’t have pay pal but it will allow you to use a regular credit card thru the pay pal system.
We will try to update this weekly, a very big thank you for the generous help in making this happen. Linda & Gary


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