Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 #57 Colorado

Sponsors / Help along the way

4/13/14 Daytona Florida to Tacoma Washington
This years Cannonball has been an overwhelming undertaking. I should have started two years ago getting ready for this. I really need to tip my hat to all the professional restorers, parts manufacturers, collectors and builders of antique motorcycles. These guys that do this day in and day out for a living are really talented and patient folks. Its a good thing I don’t try making a living doing this.(we’d starve)
I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of folks for tech information, for help locating parts and friends and family for moral support. THANK YOU ALL!
And again, to my Linda Lou a big thank you for putting up with all my preoccupation it takes to make this happen. Its pretty great to share life with someone that invests in their partners endeavors. I OWE YOU.
The following are major sponsor contributors to our 2014 Cannonball adventure.

Barbara Bradley

Brent Johnson

Gene Harper

Eric L. Tolleson

Woody’s Wheel Works

The guys at Empire Fluid

Mel of Applecore design

Lon Luna with Documart Printing

Apex Sports

Jim Wall

Phil & Karen Erby

Ron Wilming

Rudy Hayworth

Greg Ortiz

Judge Bob & Catherine

Gary Vandebrake

My Brother Karl

2012 New York to San Francisco Cannonball

We’d love to give an on-going update to those that have helped us along the way thus far, to say  thank you to all our friends and family  for your great moral support  –  and to stress that this is an on-going list of thank you’s.

Gary Van de Brake –  for all the time and labors to help make the mechanical end of this happen.

Chuck Schmidt  – for the cash and moral support and special courier service

Coker Tire – for the great deal on a spare tire

Apex Sports – for the fuel card and t-shirt

Skip Richardson – for the help with repairs on the saddle bags

Chuck & Karen Ulen –  for the great moral support and courier service

Lawrence Alba – for the time and materials to repair the tank on the camper and of course the moral support

Cousin Judy and Butch – for the cash – great care package and moral support

SHORAI Battery – for the opportunity to use an excellent battery in a vintage motorcycle application – what a great lightweight superior replacement battery option.

Ray Pearce – for all the time and loving  help repairing the camper

Karl W – for the on going COUNTLESS  hours of  help, input and support – and thanks for putting up with my BS!

Mary Varoglu –  for the amazing lights for the camper

To our “Family” – for the cash – thanks a million.

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